The IFREE Summer High School Workshop is a one-week summer workshop for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  The workshop, taught by Kevin McCabe, serves as an introduction for students interested in math and science to economics and running economic experiments in virtual worlds.  Thanks to the generous support from IFREE, the workshop is free of cost for students.

For more information, please visit the IFREE Summer High School Workshop Website here.


CSN Blog

Impressions of Second Life

By: Christina Cary, Intern, Summer 2011

When I first arrived at the CSN, I was handed a checklist of my tasks for the first day.  Nestled among such inconspicuous items as “complete an online training course” and “pick up a code for the door” was“make a Second Life account.”  As a fan of the television show The Office, this clip sprang immediately to mind…

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 Virtual Worlds in Experimental Economics: What Is Their Purpose?

By: Suraj Malladi, Intern, Summer 2011

Having applied for an internship in the neuroeconomics department at GMU, I was very confused to find that my work would predominantly entail programming in a virtual world…

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 Evolutionary Spite: An Economic Behavior

By: Samuel Moyer, Intern, Summer 2011

Beginning with Darwin himself, there has been great contention over the evolutionary origins of altruistic behavior…

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