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Impressions of Second Life

By: Christina Cary, Intern, Summer 2011

When I first arrived at the CSN, I was handed a checklist of my tasks for the first day.  Nestled among such inconspicuous items as “complete an online training course” and “pick up a code for the door” was“make a Second Life account.”  As a fan of the television show The Office, this clip sprang immediately to mind…

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 Virtual Worlds in Experimental Economics: What Is Their Purpose?

By: Suraj Malladi, Intern, Summer 2011

Having applied for an internship in the neuroeconomics department at GMU, I was very confused to find that my work would predominantly entail programming in a virtual world…

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 Evolutionary Spite: An Economic Behavior

By: Samuel Moyer, Intern, Summer 2011

Beginning with Darwin himself, there has been great contention over the evolutionary origins of altruistic behavior…

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