Research Affiliates

AffiliateInstituteResearch Area
David Chavanne, PhD Connecticut College Experimental and behavioral economics, public choice, law and economics
William Gavin Ekins, PhD Emory University Neuroeconomics, public finance, methodology integration
Jordan Grafman, PhD Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Cognitive neuroplasticity after brain damage
Anna Gunnthorsdottir, PhD The University of New South Wales Mechanism design, decision-making, strategic thought, mass phenomena
Morris Hoffman, JD Colorado State Government and University of Colorado in Boulder Law and economics
Daniel Houser, PhD George Mason University Emotion and individual differences, political economy
Laura Ingles, PhD Oxford University Law and economics, experimental economics
Mary Lee, MD

National Institute of on Alcohol Abuse Alcoholism

Genetic influences on neural circuitry underlying addition disorders
Robert Lipsky, PhD George Mason University Molecular genetics of addiction and co-morbid disorders
Douglass North, PhD Washing University in St. Louis Evolution of economic and political institutions
Vernon Smith, PhD Chapman University Experimental and behavioral economics, law and economics
Maren Strenziok, PhD George Mason University fMRI, memory and attention in healthy aging
Bill Kennedy, PhD George Mason University

Integrating computational cognitive modeling and computational social science

Chao Liu, PhD Beijing Normal University, China

Neuroeconomics, cultural neuroscience, trust, fairness, and morality

Dr. Naren P Rao, MD National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, India

Metacognition and Neuroeconomics in Schizophrenia, Pharmacological fMRI, Positron emission tomography

V V Binoy, PhD National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India

Social and environmental decision-making, Attitude, Autobiographic memory

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