As a psychologist and neuroscientist, I am interested in understanding the mind-brain relationships of human social cognition, focusing on the importance of cognitive, affective, and motivational processes in mediating social interactions. By applying paradigms from social psychology, experimental economics, and social neuroscience, I am pursuing two lines of research to study proximate neural mechanisms (i.e., how they work) and ultimate functions (i.e., why they exist and work) of social cognition. The first line of research aims to understand the biological basis of prosocial behaviors (e.g., trust, reciprocity) during social exchange. The second line of research is designed to shed light on the neuroplasticity of social cognition in healthy development and recovery from brain injury. I am using an interdisciplinary multi-methods approach that combines neuroimaging (brain structure, function, and connectivity), neuroendocrinology, and neurogenetics to promote new perspectives in understanding the neural architecture of social cognition. Such an approach can help to transfer basic research findings into treatment for and prevention of social brain disorders ultimately providing benefits to human health.

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