Research Affiliates

The CSN has a number of research partners both at Mason and outside of Mason.

Affiliated Centers at Mason


The Center of Excellence in Neuroergonomics, Cognition, and Technology aims to support the US Air Force mission of enhanced human effectiveness in air, space, and cyberspace operations through research in neuroergonomics, technology, and cognition

Center for Social Complexity 

Center for Social Complexity develops computational models that explore the fundamental nature of social interaction from the cognitive systems of individuals to world markets.

Economics Department 

The economics department is famous for its Nobel Prize winning research in experimental economics (Vernon Smith) and public choice (James Buchanan). Human Factors and Applied Cognition

Human Factors and Applied Cognition

The Human Factors and Applied Cognition graduate program is a part of the psychology department. The Arch Laboratory is the primary training facility used for research in human factors, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience and neuroergonomics.

Mason School of Law 

The Law School at George Mason University has one of the leading Law and Economics programs in the world, and is the home of CSN and the neuroLaw laboratory.

Mercatus Center 

The Mercatus Center is a major partner in designing experiments to study social change, such as experiments on Tort reform.

Interdisicplinary Center for Economic Science 

ICES faculty are world renowned for innovative design and investigation of institutions and markets using the experimental method.

The Krasnow Institute 

The Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study is the home of the Behavioral Neuroeconomics Laboratory and the functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) scanner.

Affiliated Centers Outside Mason


International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics. This is Nobel prize winner Vernon Smith's foundation for the promotion of Experimental Economics and a strong supporter of the CSN.

The Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research 

The scholars and scientists associated with the Institute see a need for the law and other social sciences to be informed about the biological bases of human behavior, in addition to understanding information from the traditional social sciences.

Traumatic Brain Injury Laboratory at the Kessler Foundation.

This is Jordan Grafman's lab.  The major goal of the Traumatic Brain Injury Lab is to characterize the social and executive function problems associated with TBI.

Glimcher Lab at the Center for Neural Science at New York University.

This is Paul Glimcher's lab.  Paul's in vivo research on single cell firing in monkeys has provided new and interesting data on how expected utility is encoded in the brain.

Human Neuroimaging Laboratory at Virginia Tech.

This is Read Montague's lab dedicated to basic research investigations into the physiology and functional anatomy of the human brain using fMRI.

Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University and Loma Linda University.

This is Paul Zak's center for investigating the neurophysiology of economic decisions.




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